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Suspected killer wanted in Denver City

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A suspected killer is still on the loose after police say they believe he killed his wife in Denver City.

Sisters of the victim Veronica Esquivel Romero, 29, say her husband Mario Molina Romero beat her multiple times before her death, and they are confident domestic violence killed her.

One of the victim's sisters found her dead Thursday evening. "When we couldn't get a hold of her since Tuesday we knew something was wrong," said Maria Esquivel.

Esquivel broke into her sister's house at 212 E. 10th Street to check on her and found her dead in the front bedroom. "She was laying on the floor semi covered. She had been there awhile already - at least a day," she said.

Esquivel called the police, and realized her sister's husband, Mario Molina Romero, was gone. Police want to talk to him about the suspected murder because of a history of family violence. "As of about a little after 10 this morning, a warrant for his arrest for murder was issued through Yoakum County," said Denver City Police Chief Jack D. Miller. 

"She had been beaten up several times by her husband. She went to press charges, but 20 minutes later she dropped them," said Esquivel. 

About 8 p.m. Friday police issued an Amber Alert for the Romero's 3-year-old son, Mitchell. They believe his father abducted him and that Mitchell is in grave and immediate danger. The two were last seen in Denver City driving a maroon 2004 Yukon with Texas license plates: 43W-FX6.

The victim's sisters hope anyone else in a violent relationship will have the courage to take action, and they hope police can find the man they believe killed their sister. "We want to know what happened. We want to know the truth. Why is he running? Why is he hiding?" said Esquivel.  

If you know where to find Mario Molina Romero, please contact the Denver City Police Department at (806) 592-3516.

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