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South Plains parents take steps to protect their children

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Any time a child goes missing it's a scary thing for family members, and the Amber Alert issued Friday prompted some South Plains parents to take action.  

Saturday, the John Walsh Child Safety Program held a free event they hope will help parents keep their children safe. Concerned parents filled the back of Ashley Furniture waiting in line to get their kids a child safety journal.  The journal contains personal information about each kid, their scanned finger prints, a picture, and a DNA test.  

"Just in case either of our children ever went missing we would have this information ready and at hand so we can find it very easily. Yesterday I noticed there was an Amber Alert and I thought we will definitley make sure to come out here after seeing that Amber Alert," said mother, Damani Morah.

According to the groups statistics, every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the United States. Organizers of today's event say setting aside a few minutes to complete the DNA Lifeprint Child Safety Program might be what saves a child's life.      

"Unfortunately we live in a time that we are having to always be careful and be aware of where our children are. This is always a good way to know that you have an advantage in the event, in the misfortunate event that your child should go missing," said Organizer Jennifer Velez.

Thomas Vanstory brought his daughter to get her I.D. updated saying, "I always wanted to keep her up to date on an I.D. in case anything where to happen. I'm a single father so I want to keep track of my little girl."

Once the journal is complete, the program suggests keeping it in a safe place. "We usually advise people to put it in either a safe deposit box if they have one or a top shelf where it's out of the reach of children's hands," said Velez. 

For more information on the safety program (Click here).

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