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City of Lubbock gets new logo, says no cost to local taxpayers

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The city of Lubbock has a brand new logo.  It features what looks like the blades of a windmill to symbolize Lubbock's historic connection to windmills and its potential future with wind turbines for electric power.  

The city says theoretically the logo won't cost anything.  NewsChannel 11 was told that it was designed by chief financial officer Andy Burcham, and we were told that all of the old letterheads and business cards will be used up before the logo is printed on new stock. Also, only new city vehicles will get the new logo.

Subsequently, it was then brought to NewsChannel 11's attention that the logo looks very similar to a local government's logo in Western Australia.  As it turns out, the Shire of Toodyay gave the city of Lubbock permission to use the logo and asked the city to give credit "as appropriate".

From: Annique Gray
Sent: Monday, 6 July 2009 3:05 PM
Subject: FW: City of Lubbock Texas

Dear Andy
Thank you for submitting your query to the Shire of Toodyay regarding the use of our logo.  The matter was raised at our Senior Management Meeting last week and we hold no objection to the City of Lubbock using a variation of the Shire of Toodyay's logo.  However we would appreciate the acknowledgement of the Shire of Toodyay as appropriate - and perhaps you could inform us when it is officially launched.
Annique Gray
Shire of Toodyay
PO Box 96
TOODYAY   W A  6566
P: (08) 9574 XXXX
F: (08) 9574 2158
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From: Denise Bambridge
Sent: Monday, 29 June 2009 1:28 PM
To: Annique Gray
Subject: FW: City of Lubbock Texas

From: Andy Burcham [mailto:ABurcham@XXXX.XX.XXXXXXX.XX.XX]
Sent: Monday, 29 June 2009 10:57 AM
To: Denise Bambridge
Subject: City of Lubbock Texas

Dear Sir/Madam,  I am the Chief Financial Officer of the City of Lubbock, Texas.  We have been looking for a new logo for our City.  Through searches on the internet of other logos around the world, we found yours to be one of our favorites. 
The City of Lubbock (population 218,000) is located in the high plains of West Texas.  Windmills have a long history in our community.  Being an agriculture area, windmills were used over the ages as a way to pump water to the surface for our crops.  Today, we are a center of electric generating windmills. 
We are interested in using a variation of your logo that focuses on the windmill portion of your logo.  I have attached the logo that we are interested in using....but I wanted to ask your permission first. 
Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are okay with our use of this variation.  I look forward to your response.  Thanks, Andy
Andy Burcham
Chief Financial Officer
City of Lubbock, Texas
(806) 775-XXXX or (806) 775-2051 fax

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