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Viewer Response to Consider This on Why I'm Voting Against Streets

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Amen to the recent no for the 34th street millions. A new street will do nothing to attract business to the area because the building are 50 years old. 82nd needs more repair than 34th because of the amount of traffic.

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I agree with your sentiments. Since the "powers that be" scheduled the repairs on 4th and the loop the residents, and I'm one, have had to change their routines dramaticly. Traffic is being detoured through quite neighborhoods and smaller roads that have not been upgraded to support the massive volumes of daily traffic especially Frankfort between 19th and 4th St. The traffic light at 19th and Frankfort hasn't been adjusted to accomodate the traffic trying to use the left turn lane. On average, the turn light only allows 4(at most) cars to pass through. That's if no one is texting at the light. Also, the light at Toledo and 4th takes so long for north bound traffic that drivers are cutting through the catholic church parking, including police officers. At the corner of Frankfort and the loop going south the "powers that be" have left the right turn only lane in front of the credit union which also slows traffic immensely and for no visible need. The fact that 34th St. is a total mess and a really time consuming and dangerous throughfare. The detoured traffic in that area is killing the  neighborhoods not to mention the speeding cars making it dangerous for senior citizens and kids playing in the yards. I have no idea who is responsible for making these decisions, but their ability in this department is seriously lacking. When I've called the traffic eng. office, I've been told that once the contract has been awarded, the responsibilities of the job are turned over to the contractors. Who came up with this way of doing business???? I think the "powers that be" should spend their time checking on site work, the traffic flow and make sure that the guidelines are being followed to the letter. Remember the screw up on the Millwauke roadway? These repairs, especially the 34 th St. project should've been done years ago, instead of waiting until now. Personal agendas are a part of politics, but when those agendas are misguided, many,many people are effected, business's experience horrific losses and the public always remembers. These examples I have mentioned are why a downtown re-birth is impossible to bring to fruition. Bottom line is taxes need to be raised!!!!! to help pay for the work needed. I don't like raising taxes, but there comes a time when we have to "bite the bullit" and do what's necessary.  i was totally against the new jail to begin with because i knew our taxes would go up. so after your comment last night what can we do now? shall we wait until voting time comes around to make our voice be heard? thank you for your comments i always look forward to listening to what you have to say. thank you for keeping us informed. i was shocked to here about what rick perry did. now i will really pray and be very careful who i vote for thank you and GOD bless you.

Consider This... Why I'm Voting Against Streets
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson outlines the reasons he's voting against streets in the upcoming bond election.

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