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Tragedy on the Loop

A brass trumpet lied on the side of the road, circled in police spray paint. The aftermath of an early morning tragedy. 13-year-old Ryan Grimm, a 7th grader at Atkins Junior High, killed while trying to cross the south loop.

"He hit in the center and his head hit right there in front of her windshield," said Kevin Lokey. An eyewitness. Lokey was on his way to work when he saw Ryan attempt to cross the road. "This kid was running out and this lady was coming in the center lane and they just hit right in the middle. Neither one of them saw each other."

The impact threw grim 50 feet. A severe head injury, lying unconscious, Lokey did what little he could for the boy. "I jumped out, quick as I could, he was laying face down on the shoulder, and I checked his pulse, his pulse was still beating, but he had a gash in his head. So I called 911 quick as I could, they pronounced him (dead) when they got here," said Lokey.

The woman who hit Grimm was uninjured, but visible shaken by the magnitude of the tragedy.

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