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Family relieved after missing man found in Smyer

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock family has a sense of relief after 76-year-old Charles Gean Caraway was found in Hockley County. Lubbock Police had issued a silver alert Sunday morning for Caraway after he did not come home Saturday night.

Charles Caraway will spend Sunday night in his own home. His family says they are relieved and thankful after receiving a phone call at 9:15 Sunday night that authorities had found Caraway. The hours he spent away from home were frightening for his family.

"If I knew, I'd go get him and bring him home," says Bonnie Caraway. She was the last one to see her dad. "We drove down 4th, Clovis Highway, 19th Street, 50th Street and out to Brownfield," says Caraway about her search for her Dad. She drove through the night looking for him and when he didn't come home his family knew something was wrong.

"He's elderly it's just not like him to leave home and not return. This is not him," says Caraway. No one had seen Charles Gean Caraway since Saturday evening around 5:15 p.m. Fifteen hours passed and police issued a silver alert.

For nearly 40 years Caraway pulled into this driveway on 16th Street and Caraway says her Dad knows where he lives. But with dementia, even the most familiar places are forgotten and for that reason Caraway's daughter hoped for the best, but feared the unthinkable. "That he's vulnerable...vulnerable because he's kind," she says.

He loves to cast his reel in East Canyon Lake and his family hoped he may have just lost his way. "All I want to do is find my daddy," says Caraway.

As the sun disappeared for the second time Bonnie Caraway was prepared to scout city streets again looking for her Dad.

Caraway was found in Hockley County in good condition with no injuries. Authorities found him in Smyer and his family says his van broke down.

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