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HealthWise at 5 From 2.19

  • Arthritis and Heart Attack Risk

The same fats that are bad for your heart may also be bad for your brain. On the flip side, researchers say diets high in unsaturated, or "good" fats, may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease. The study in the journal, Neurology, compared the dietary habits of 800 seniors for four years. Researchers found that people who ate the highest amounts of bad fats had more than double the risk of those who ate the largest amounts of good fats.

  • Sweet Drugs

You might soon be able to take that dose of medicine with a smile instead of a scowl. Manufacturers are starting to develop drugs with a sweet taste and a melt in your mouth effect. Last year, the makers of the drug Zomig, used to treat migraines introduced fast-melting versions and patients responded well. The melt in your mouth effect works by making the drug's active compound into a fine powder and coating it with polymer to mask the flavor. The medicine disintegrates in a few sweet seconds after being popped in the mouth.

  • Baby Sign Language

If you want to head off temper tantrums, start teaching your baby sign language. While most commonly associated with hearing loss, sign language is helping babies and toddlers communicate with their moms and dads. "My First Signs", a sign language video developed by a mom of a deaf child, teaches kids key words like milk, food and more. The theory is that, little ones who learn to sign have fewer temper tantrums because they have a way to communicate without the frustration of knowing what they want but lacking the language skills to say it. The video my first signs is available on VHS or DVD, just (click here) for more information.

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