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Office of Homeland Security is Telling Americans to 'Get Ready!'

The Office of Homeland Security is sending a message to America; 'be ready'. Wednesday at a press conference Director Tom Ridge unveiled a new series of public service announcements designed to encourage Americans to be prepared in the event of an attack.

"There are a lot of real simple things that people can do to protect their families. Making sure you have a communication plan with your family is important. Store water and non-perishable foods, at least three days. Have a flashlight, extra batteries. Also have prescription drugs available. We're talking the simple necessities of life. We're asking America to be ready." 

But how much would three days of simple necessity's cost, and what exactly should you have? According to guidlines set out by the Office of Homeland Security, this shopping cart should contain enough supplies for a family of four for at least three days.

Water & Food
Find out how to store and prepare for at least three days of survival.
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Supply Checklists
Assemble clothing & bedding, tools and other basic supplies.
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Clean Air
Learn how to improvise with what you have on hand to protect your mouth, nose, eyes and cuts in your skin.
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Special Needs Items
Lists for those with special needs - babies, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.
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First Aid Kit
Knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a difference in an emergency. If you have these basic supplies you are better prepared to help your loved ones when they are hurt.
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What You Can Do to Prepare for Disaster
American Red Cross Homeland Security Advisory System recommendations for individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.
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