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Tech Keeps Tabs On It's Foreign Students

Six months after the September 11th attacks, a pilot of one of the planes that struck the World Trade Centers received his student visa. A paper snafu that turned all eyes to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Prompting the INS to focus even closer on anyone coming into the US. "Right now we have only a small part of our student body in the system and we would expect by August we'll have 1,000 to 1,100 students and former students," says Texas Tech, Assistant Director of International Affairs, Bob Crosier. 

At Texas Tech's International Cultural Center, Crosier helps to creat a list of for the INS. The electronic system, called Seevis, keeps tabs on every foreign student that at one time or another attended the university. "Basic contact information- things like an address, and basic information on their academic program. Things like what field are they studying."

Bose's' personal information is on that list and he says he doesn't mind. "After 9/11 every student from foreign countries need to be tracked down," Bose says.  According to Crosier, tracking down students with this new system beats the old way of shuffling through piles of paperwork. "So this simply goes directly from university records in a database into a national system that can be used. We will have much more accurate information and not leave questions hanging over individual students," says Crosier.

Bose says he's taking extra steps to make sure nobody questions him. "This is my passport. So you carry that with you all the time. Yeah it is necessary," he says.

Texas Tech paid $100,000 to set up their Seevis program.  Tech is one of the first universities to have their program in place. The deadline for all universitites was originally set for January 30th. But that date was extended, to this month due to technical problems.

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