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The Pasta Pro: Does It Work?

For twenty bucks, you get two Pasta Pros for the price of one. It's the spill proof way to cook and drain, but Does It Work?

After inspecting the Pasta Pro, I noticed the holes on the lid were large. So I bought two different kinds of spaghetti. Regular and thin. But in order to test the durability of the lid, I bought four large potatoes.

This is how it works. The pot has a notch and the lid has the groove. The two are supposed to fit together, making the pot spill-proof. All you do is twist, and the lid locks in place. That's the magic. And believe me, the lids really do lock firmly.

After boiling the pasta in the small pot and potatoes in the large pot for awhile, the water starting spitting out of the holes. Made quite a mess on the lid, and left a little mess on the stove as well.

And, after the noodles were done, I was to test the pot. I drained the water out. The pasta didn't fall out of the holes.

The makers claim their pot is a non-stick pan and they didn't lie about that.

Next, I drained the potatoes, and shook the pot to test the strength of the lid. The lid did come off and the hot potatoes fell out into the sink. So, I tested the lid a second time and it didn't come off.

My suggestion would be to make sure the lid is secure before you start draining the potatoes. Nothing too complicated about this product. I think it's worth the $20. It works.

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