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One Lubbock home puts on a spooky Halloween

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Trick-or-treaters will fill the streets on Halloween, but one house seems to draw a lot of attention. In the 1700 block of 30th street you might get more tricks than treats.

"We get so many people going by it's just incredible. Lots of kids, you see their heads pressed up against the windows and that makes it all worthwhile. I think it really enriches our lives," said Jackie Dunn. Jackie and her husband Michael started their display about 4 years ago with just a few skeletons, but now it takes nearly three days to place each decoration right where they want it.

"I always loved Halloween," said Michael Dunn. "I remember when we were kids, but I mean we just happened to luck out and get a lot of stuff and it's just a lot of fun to make a display," added Jackie.

At the Dunn's house, trick-or-treaters will have to be brave enough to make it through the grave yard, past the skeletons, and past black crows to get the treats they really want.

"I made little treat bags and I'm not going to tell what I put in because I don't want too many, but we do a good job for the kids," said Jackie.

The kids reactions keep the Dunns dedicated to their annual Halloween display, but adults enjoy it too. Jackie said, "The parents say the threaten their kids. They say, well we won't drive by the monster house unless you do this or do that, and I've gotten quit a few appreciative mothers say they really really like it."

The Dunns say they will continue to collect scary things to keep their front yard full of horror every October.

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