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WTMPA Audit Reveals Financial Jeopardy for City of Lubbock

Shocking information about the West Texas Municipal Power Agency and its relationship with the City of Lubbock. Basically, what it boils down to, is the WTMPA is a multi-million dollar business with no staff, therefore the city has been running the WTMPA.

Auditors advised city council members on Thursday the City of Lubbock has been taking care of WTMPA financial records, insurance coverage on the multi-million dollar turbine at the Massingale plant and that several contract agreements were not followed correctly.

However, the auditing committee also pointed out to city council members the City of Lubbock should be held accountable for as well; for not enforcing contract agreements. "You (city council) are going to have to decide that the WTMPA is a separate company. I don't think this city deals with folks who do pavement, who dig ditches, who put in pipes, who build buildings for this city get dealt with like the WTMPA has been dealt with. It's an arm length transaction. And by God, if they have a contract you make them live up to it," said J.Q. Warnick, Audit Committee member.

City Manager Bob Cass has sent a letter to the WTMPA's Chairman, and ex-councilman, Ty Cooke, directing their board to purchase their own insurance by March 26th and keep their own financial records.

So what happens next? The city is working to separate the WTMPA from the city. Also, whether or not the city wants to continue doing business with WTMPA.

A second audit will be performed about WTMPA rates and how much they charge their members cities, like Floydada, Tulia and Brownfield.

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