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Food for Thought Report 2.20

This week's food for thought turns up just one school. Tubbs elementary school at 3311 bates was where inspectors found 2 spatulas that needed to be replaced and two other spatulas that were soiled. The report shows the violation was corrected on site.

Now onto this week's restaurants.

It's good to be Queen, and they would know. After fire shut them down at the end of last year, Dairy Queen at 2311 Avenue Q is back and starting strong as a Food for Thought Top Performer. "We were closed down for two months, we had an unfortunate fire in December and we reopened on February 12th and we're just kind of glad to be back, have something nice, remodeled for our customers," said Manager Atanacio Hernandez.

Hernandez says team work and a winning routine keep this operation up and running smoothly. "Soon as they walk in, clock in, after they wash their hands, they get to work and start cleaning, get everything ready for the day."

Whether it's treats or eats that draws diners to this Dairy Queen, the staff wants to make sure their experience here is a great one. "Just want them to come and have a good meal and enjoy themselves and enjoy the atmosphere and have somewhere nice to go have lunch or dinner," says Hernandez.

Our other Top Performer is finger lickin' good. Kentucky Fried Chicken at 1208 50th gets zero critical violations this time, and that perfect score makes them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Our only Low Performer is Uncle Chien's at 3004 34th St. Inspectors found four critical violations. Violations including:

  • Improper cooling for cooked food. Guidelines state food must be cooled from it's highest temperature to 70 degrees within two hours and then cooled from 70 degrees to 41 degrees within four hours.
  • Battered chicken was fried and left to cool at room temperature and management was unsure how long it had been cooling. There was improper hot hold of rice.
  • Ware washing was taking place in the wrong order in a three compartment sink.
  • Thermometers were missing from a reach in refrigerator and were not accurately measuring food temperatures.

Other violations included damp wiping cloths stored on counters and in food prep and cooking areas, a back door without an adequate seal, and ice scoop handle in contact with the ice supply, rubber seals around the refrigerator soiled with food particles, surfaces not properly cleaned because equipment was not moved for cleaning, and battered cooked chicken stored under a window ledge that was heavily soiled.

Management at Uncle Chien's told NewsChannel 11 they just took over the restaurant December 1st, and there were things that needed to be brought to their attention. He said all violations were corrected on site and it won't happen again.

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