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Shot Training Easier Now

They used to practice giving shots to oranges. Now, the training is a lot more sophisticated thanks to new homeland security measures and a California company.

The company is Immersion Corporation in San Jose, and it is introducing the Cath-Sim, a cutting edge training device that uses virtual technology to let you feel what it's like to inject a patient with a needle.

"It's second nature because they've already done that same procedure thousands of times, and it was just like what it feels like on a human patient except it was done in a safe environment of a computer simulation," says Dean Chang, chief technology officer.

The U.S. Army has just purchased dozens of these devices so our soldiers will be ready to give shots, take blood, or hook up IV's if the need comes up in the field of battle.

For more information on the Cath-Sim, you can ( click here ).

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