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NewsChannel 11 Investigates Why Lubbock Employee Is Still Getting Paycheck

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A NewsChannel 11 investigates uncovers a City of Lubbock employee hasn't been at work for months, yet is still getting a paycheck. To top it off its costing tax payers hundreds of dollars a day.

Deputy City Manager Tom Adams turned in his resignation letter on August 4th, stating his last day would be January 29th 2010, but weeks later it was decided, he should no longer work from city hall. 

So where is Adams and why is he still getting paid by the city? We sent NewsChannel 11's investigator Nicole Pesecky to get those answers. She's spent the last month trying to find Adams.

We were able to track down Adams, but it wasn't easy. We called the city hall on September 22nd, looking for Adams. After being put on hold for 15 minutes, the secretary told us Adams wasn't available and couldn't comment on personnel changes. When asked what his city extension was--we were told they couldn't comment further.

We called back a week later, this time looking for Adam's supervisor the city manager, Lee Ann Dumbauld. We never did get to talk to her, but we talked with her secretary several times. She told us Lee Ann couldn't legally comment on why Tom Adams isn't working at city hall because it's a personnel matter, but did confirm that he's on call if needed. We called LeAnn several other times for comment, but she has yet to return any of our calls.

We decided to go down to the city hall ourselves and see if Adams was there.

Reporter-"Is this Tom Adams' office?"

Secretary-"It uses to be his office. As far as I know he's not with the city, but I don't know that's what I was told."

We were then put in touch with Patrick Aten, the assistant to the City Council. We asked if Adams was still being paid by the city.

Aten- "Uh-huh."

Reporter-"But he's not here. He hasn't been to work all day?"

Aten- "He's not here right now. I don't know where he is."

Reporter-"So he doesn't have a line here at the city hall or an office?"

Aten- "Not sure."

We didn't get very far at city hall, but one thing was for sure, Adams wasn't there. We then stopped by his house and no one was home. One week later we stopped by again we're able to catch Adams. He admitted the city is still sending him a paycheck.

Reporter-"You're still getting paid until January?"

Adams- "Yes."

Reporter- "Are you suppose to be working from home?"

Adams- "I have assignments that I do at home when I'm asked."

Reporter- "Is it on a daily basis?"

Adams- "No comment there."

Adams is getting a pretty penny for that work. We broke down the numbers and he makes $608 a day from the comfort of his home. That's nearly $70,000.00 from the time the city asked Adams to work from home to the time of his actual resignation that tax payers will be forking over. So why has the city agreed to continue paying him for months to come?

Reporter-"Is it fair to say that you're working from home?"

Adams- "Yes."

But it's up to you-the tax payer- to decide!

According to an open records request Adams makes nearly $158,000.00 annually. His last day of work will be January 29th, 2010. By the way, we never got an answer as to why Tom Adams was leaving his job.

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