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Researchers find H1N1 is deadly to anyone at any age

By Kristin Beerman | email

Edited by Jon Bush | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Researchers in California are painting a new picture of the Swine-Flu saying don't be fooled by claims this is just a young person's disease.  The study is featured this week in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. It shows that H1N1 can be deadly at any age and so far, in the 11% of the cases that are fatal, the average time of the illness before death is just 12 days. 

"Even healthy people can get sick and hospitalized," says Janice K. Louie, M.D., with the California Department of Public Health. She adds. "And another interesting fact we found, that there is a perception that the elderly are protected and have some pre-existing immunity when in fact in our study, if the elderly were admitted and severely ill they often ended up dying."

The CDC says it is aware of the study, but is not changing its recommendations because there is still a new concern for young people with the Swine-Flu, especially since healthy kids and young adults  have not raised a red flag like this before.

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