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Social networking plays large role in college admissions

By Ben Lawson  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With admission deadlines on the horizon, students applying to college this year face new realities in the process.  So, now we're taking a closer look at social networking's role in college admissions.

While everyone may not use them, most everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other sites like these.  That includes universities like Texas Tech. 

On the school's main web page, you'll find links to their social networking sites. Ethan Logan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions says these sites are a part of the college student community, and the school needs to provide information to them in a way they want.

"I think that they're very welcoming and very interested in communicating with people, and to use that forum is something they're very comfortable with, and they will allow us to enter into that forum as long as we're not trying to convince them or pursued them to do something," Logan said. 

A study by Kaplan Inc. found some applicants take a proactive approach, with 71% of admissions officers surveyed saying they or the college had received friend requests from an applicant.  The same study found only 13% of schools surveyed had official policies on how an applicant's social networking site can factor into admissions.

Logan says typically if admissions staff at Tech receives a request, they'll direct them to recruitment in their area.  He also says examining prospective student's profiles is not necessarily a concern for them.

"To come in and go this is something that we evaluate for our admission criteria, that's not the case. We're more interested in developing the communication, developing the relationship with these students as best we can on a one on one level," Logan said. 

Logan says their goal is to maintain a connection with students through social media, but to maintain a professional and personal line.

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