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HealthWise at 5 From 2.21

  • Coffee and Stillbirths

It sounds incredible to me that someone could drink eight cups of coffee a day, but that's the focus of a new report in the British medical Journal and guess what that study concluded? Eight cups is too much if you're pregnant. Specifically, the report says that kind of heavy coffee intake more than doubles the risk of a still-birth compared to women who don't drink coffee.

The Danish study followed over 18,000 pregnant women between 1989 and 1996. Actually, researchers found the risk of stillbirth increased as the amount of daily coffee increased in each pregnancy. The theory is that high doses of caffeine consumption can effect the cardiovascular system of a fetus, and the placenta.

The study says women who drank more coffee also were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol. Adjusting for these factors reduced the risk of stillbirth slightly but the link between coffee and stillbirth remained significant. There was no significant increase shown for infant death in the first year.

  • Pharm Alarm

There is a new device that can help you keep track of your daily medication schedules. The Pharm Alarm signals patients when to take their pills. It works like this: patients or caregivers set the alarm on the bottle's cap. When the alarm sounds, patients shut off the device by removing the cap. After taking the pills, the alarm is automatically reset by replacing the cap. To order the Pharm Alarm just ( click here).

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