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HealthWise at 5 From 2.24

  • Autoclave for Smallpox

A common piece of dental equipment is aiding in the fight against terrorism. Mayo Clinic researchers say the Autoclave, used to sterilize utensils for surgical procedures, can kill the smallpox and anthrax viruses. It works like a pressure cooker. With an Autoclave, scientists increase the temperature to avove the boiling point, which is needed to kill microorganisms. By doing this the virus is killed, but its DNA remains for further testing. The procedure only takes 15 minutes.

  • Fats Bad for Your Heart and Your Head

The same fats that are bad for your heart may also be bad for your brain. On the flip side, researchers say diets high in unsaturated or "good" fats - may help reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease. The study in the journal, neurology, compared the dietary habits of eight-hundred seniors for four years. Researchers found that people who ate the highest amounts of bad fats had more than double the risk of those who ate the largest amounts of good fats.

  • Harmful Drug Interactions

Two new websites can save you time and possible your life when it comes to drug interactions. Both offer a list of interactions that can occur between medications and food, alcohol, or tobacco. The websites ask you to enter the names of medications and offer information on prescription as well as over the counter drugs. Neither website puts a limit on the number of medcations you can enter. If you are interested just ( click here).

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