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Exclusive Bob Knight Interview: Part 2

Bob Knight talks more about Nick Valdez's decision to leave the team and the events leading up to his premature departure. Here's Part 2 of NewsChannel 11's exclusive interview with The General:

"I told the players that this is going to be up to you. I'm going to give you some things that have taken place, some thoughts of mine, and then, it will be up to you to determine whether or not Valdez remains as a member of this team. The players talked it over with me there, without me, and without anybody there. There were some players that didn't want Valdez as a member of the team. There were other players that wanted Valdez to have one last chance, as they themselves put it.

With that, I brought Valdez in. I had not seen Valdez to talk to him. He did not come to me to talk to me at all, until today, this afternoon (February 21st), and I told him that the situation would be this: That if he wanted to remain as a member of the team, it would be possible for him to do so, and I would outline what it would be necessary for him to do to be part of the team.

He said 'well, I would like to try that, then I would like to try to do that' and I said 'that's fine.' Here is the first stipulation: Valdez had changed room assignments when we played at Iowa State. Those room assignments are made for a particular reason. That's like changing practice time. That's like changing the starting line-up. That just doesn't happen, and I said, so because of changing the room assignments up there, you're going to have 500 sprints to run.

Nobody has dismissed you from the basketball team, including this moment right now, and whatever classes you've cut in the past three days, because of your past record with cutting classes, and you have been reprimanded for that in the past, you're going to wind up running 200 sprints for each class that you've cut.

The third stipulation is that if we have another problem with you on or off the court of any kind, you will be dismissed from the basketball team. Valdez thought it over for a moment and said, 'well, I just think I am going to leave. I don't think I am going to try and be on the team then.' And I said, that is fine, that is your decision."

Emily Jones: It seems that something very routine has turned into something very not routine through the eyes of the press. Do you think that is something that would happen at any other university under any other coach, or is it because you're Bob Knight?

"Well, you'll have to answer that Emily. You're the one that would have to answer that through your observations and through what you've seen over the years. I think, I don't think the entire press has been irresponsible. I don't think this is anything unusual, nor do I think in any way the reprimand or the punishment was anything unusual.

I think there has been some incredibly irresponsible reporting on things that have not been checked out, on things that just aren't true, on things, on insinuations made that are absolutely ridiculous, but that is what I have come to expect from that segment of the media -- that has been that irresponsible here."

Exclusive Bob Knight Interview: Part 1
NewsChannel 11 sat down with Red Raider basketball Head Coach Bob Knight in an exclusive one-on-one interview to get some insight into the events leading up to Nick Valdez's departure from the team. Here's Part 1 of the interview.
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