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Viewer Response to Consider This on City Hall Just Doesn't Get It

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How do I get a job like that with the City of Lubbock?

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Thank you for your continued efforts to inform the voters of Lubbock.

What can I say? This is outrageous. Is there any hope that the investigation by KCBD will force the city to disclose what is going on?

In times when we all have to watch expenses, the City of Lubbock should be held accountable.

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Dan, love your comments about our city government. You are so right with your comments. Are we as taxpayers going to have to hire a lawyer to be stationed at the city hall to stop, (or at least keep the taxpayers informed), all the underhanded things that are going on?

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Lee Ann Dumbauld and the entire city government are an embarrassment and liability to the city of Lubbock.   Ms. Dumbauld is an overpaid figure-head and should be removed from office and every member of the city council voted out and replaced at the next election.

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I agree but the city pretty much does what they want and feel as if they don't need a reason for what they do.

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Could you please address our city and the poor turnout we seem to continue to have when it comes to elections. Approximately 18,000 voters in a town of 200,000  is shameful.

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This is not the first time for this type of actions. The city manager at this point needs to step down or be terminated by the city council immediately. There, in the past and the present, has never been any accountability for these people. There are many things that go on in Lubbocks city hall that just get swept under the rug . I, as a tax payer, am tired of their "I can't talk about it attitude", their misuse of our money, and their big salaries for not doing the job they are paid to do.

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Has the mayor and city council signed off on this? Why aren't they holding Lee Ann accountable for her actions?

Consider This... City Hall Just Doesn't Get It

NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's thoughts on the latest example of the lack of accountability at City Hall.
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