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It's Time for the 51st Annual Lion's Club Pancake Festival

It's a Lubbock tradition that began 51 years ago.

"Back when this started in the Lubbock High School cafeteria at 50 cents a ticket, it was a fundraiser and it was only a supper. It kept getting bigger and bigger," says Lion's Club President Dave Freriks.

On Saturday, the Civic Center serves as a giant cafeteria filled wall to wall with tables, chairs, and large appetites.

"We're going to have 17,000 or 18,000 people come through," says Freriks.

"I thought it would be a great way to start the day. I'd recommend it for everyone," says one pancake patron.

With every flip, volunteers are raising money for charity and putting Lubbock in the record books.

"Last year, we did 30,724 in our 50th Pancake Festival. This year, we're gonna try to beat that figure," says Freriks.

With 5,000 pounds of pancake mix, 315 gallons of syrup, and 4,000 pounds of sausage, the Lions Club is sure to beat the world record again, but most importantly, they're helping local charities.

"The Salvation Army, the Boys Ranch, the Texas Lions Club, all money stays in the Lubbock area," says Freriks.

The Lions Club has raised more than $78,000 for local charities.

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