Gladewater HS graduate witnesses Fort Hood shooting

Posted by Michael Hetrick

A 2008 graduate of Gladewater High School was very close to the violence when Thursday's shooting in Fort Hood, Tx occured.  Angelia Johnson was in the Readiness Center at Fort Hood when the gunfire broke out.

Johnson says people came in screaming that, "someone was shooting."  She did not actually witness the shots fired, but did see some of the victims after.  Johnson tells KLTV 7 that she had spoken to the alleged shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, in the days before the shooting.  Johnson says that Hasan had been "sweet."

Johnson also says that after the shooting, her superiors were telling she and other soldiers that Hasan was dead.  She says that she was, "surprised" at Thursday night's announcement that he was alive and in custody.

KLTV 7's Morgan Chesky is in Fort Hood, and will have more on Good Morning East Texas beginning at 5AM.