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Lubbock native was on base during Ft. Hood shootings

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email


The whole nation has been watching the developments in the Fort Hood shooting, but it hits especially close to home for one Lubbock family. Army Specialist Danielle Rodriguez grew up in Lubbock, but now she lives on post at Fort Hood.  She says she's experienced a lot of tough things during her time in the army, but nothing compares to the nightmare she faced on Thursday.

Rodriguez reacted the same way many Americans did when she heard about the mass shootings. "I went and got my baby and came home and just watched the news," she said.  

However, unlike most Americans, she watched as the chaos happened right outside her front door. "The post was pretty much just in shock. We didn't know what was going on," said Rodriguez. 

She spent hours on lock down inside her home, worrying about her daughter and her fiancé who was out on the base.

Rodriguez says soldiers know they risk their lives when they join the army, but they don't expect their children to be so near the danger. "It's scary because you've got your family on post. You just worry about their safety," she said.

Rodriguez said she wants folks at home not to worry because with all the extra security she feels they are now safer than ever.

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