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Customers have mixed opinions on Xcel buyout

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - LP&L's $7-million buyout of Xcel Energy is still waiting for federal agencies to approve the agreement. 

Although most customers have no choice but to go along with the switch, many are choosing to voice their opinions on having to use the city-owned LP&L."We chose Xcel for a reason, because we were unhappy with LP&L - with service that we weren't getting from them," said Xcel Energy user Amie Reed.

"I think competition is healthy. That's the only thing I'd think twice about," said LP&L user Barbara James.

One viewer left this comment comparing LP&L to a monopoly, "Competition keeps prices lower and service better. When companies have to compete for your services they work harder to keep your business. With this acquisition LP&L will have a monopoly of a service that they are already not too great at running. I left LP&L for a reason...bad service."

However not all customers see a problem with the buyout. "For now I think it could be something that's still good. You know as long as it’s good for consumers," said LP&L user Ricardo Maldonado.

"After LP&L was set up with its own board of directors, I think it's been a lot better operation and certainly I think the move is good for the city," said Xcel Energy user Burle Pettit.

Another person left this Facebook comment, "I think this will be a great deal for Lubbock. LP&L has been growing at a great rate the last few years. I think that they have a good thing going and that as soon as they can LP&L will be able to start giving money back to the city and keep your taxes down."

Regardless of what customers think, if the buyout is approved, LP&L will take over the 24,000 Xcel Energy customers with in Lubbock city limits. The change is expected to take place in October 2010 and 30 to 35 Xcel employees could lose their jobs during the switch.

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