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Student Starts 'United White Persons College Fund'

Matt Coday says he's ready. "I'm fully prepared for the firestorm that's about to erupt," he said.

He's prepared for certain controversy over the name of his new scholarship. It's called 'The United White Persons College Fund'.

Convinced that white people are discriminated against in the hunt for college cash, he's already raised over $1,000 for his cause. "One purpose of this fund is to serve as the direct antidote to the United Negro College Fund, and other organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the advancement of any one cultural, racial or ethnic group," he said.

When I first heard about it I thought it was a joke," said Martin Dorsey, President of Texas Tech's Black Student Association. "If it's genuine then I'm all for it. College is expensive, I know first hand. But if they're just doing it as a retaliation to the United Negro College Fund, then no," he said.

"There's a decreasing amount of scholarship money available to me because I'm not black, not hispanic, not native american," said Dorsey.

Just how much money is available? A conservative estimate puts the figure at $3 billion, dispersed in 900,000 different scholarships. By comparison, the United Negro College Fund raises approximately $29 million a year.

There are over 21,000 white students at Texas Tech, just 818 black. Coday says he's not a racist and would refuse contributions from white supremacist groups. The Black Student Association says they'll wait and see the public's reaction to coday's venture, before deciding how to respond.

"I think it's time for a serious debate in this country about what is and is not discrimination," said Coday.

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