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TAKS Test Starts Tuesday

Take a Closer Look at the TAKS Test
 Take a closer look at the TAKS test click on this link.

It's test time again but this year it's different. As we've told you the TAAS test which has been the exit exam for high school students for more than a decade has been replaced by the TAKS. Now students and teachers across Lubbock and Texas are preparing for the test.

There are a few major changes with the TAKS Test. This test effects different grade levels than the TAAS did, a different writing process and a different scoring process. Students and teachers alike say they are ready.

Reading, Writing, Science, Math, English and Language arts, these are the subjects students across Texas will soon be tested on. "I think one of the biggest differences first of all is the complexity of the new tests basically this is a test about problem solving and how students use those problem solving skills in the complexity of whats going on," said Ann Graves, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Operations at LISD.

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Operations at LISD, Ann Graves says they've been preparing for this test for two years. "I think the anxiety of all this change is simply because of the unknown. We've been doing field tests up to this point throughout the state. It all stems back to accountability and if we want our children to be ready for the adult world whether that be college and to be on the college track or the work force, there's nothing wrong with what we want our students to be held accountable for," Graves said.

Graves says its a higher standard test, that can not only keep students from graduating high school, but it can also hold third and fifth graders that don't pass, back a year. "All I've heard is pretty much that the TAKS test is supposed to be harder and make you think more," said Ronnie Woodard, a fifth grader at Tubbs.

Testing for fifth grader Ronnie Woodard starts in April, and even though he expects it to be harder he says he'll do good. "I study and I get prepared for it and stuff on time and I don't have to wait until the very last second to study all night the night before the test."

The testing includes fourth and seventh grade Writing tests, ninth grade Reading, 10th and 11th grade English and Language Arts test.

Testing for other grades and subjects will last through May. So as always make sure your kids get a good nights rest and start tomorrow off with a healthy breakfast.

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