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One Lubbock family's service spans generations

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

 LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - “I feel honored that I was able to protect this free land of ours,” said Army Veteran Mauricio Reyes.

Reyes remembers his day as a soldier well, but that's just one of the reasons he visited the Veterans War Memorial with his family on Tuesday. “My dad was in the first cavalry division during Vietnam, but 1964-1969, he served three tours in Vietnam and then I was in the first cavalry also, 25 years later in Desert Storm, which was 1991,” said Reyes.

That is why Reyes felt it was important to bring his four children to the memorial. “So they can remember what Veteran's Day is and what our veteran's did for our country, because without them and the sacrifices they made we wouldn't have this free country like we do,” said Reyes.

And by the sound of things, Reyes' son hears his dad's message loud and clear. He knows exactly why we recognize this day. “People went to go fight for our country like my dad and my grandpa,” said Mauricio Reyes IV. 

One day Mauricio Reyes IV hopes to someday follow in his families heroic footsteps. “I want to be a marine to fight at war, so I can have my name on a brick,” said Reyes IV.

At the Veterans War Memorial, it is made up of three parts. The center portion remembers those who were killed in action, and on the sides the brick wall honors those living or deceased members of the military.

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