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Viewer Response to Consider This on LP&L Buyout Should Benefit Its Owners

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Maybe you can tell me why the tax payers do not get to vote on the city taking out a loan (for electric lines etc.) of $87M ? It should be done just like a bond election. It is our city and our money they are using. Let us vote!!!!

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I am very upset due to the fact that I was a much happier customer when my electric service was with Excel Energy.  I know what it is like to be an LPL customer and LPL being momopoly they take advantage of it and they step down hard on the rates, unfortunetly because they were monoply with the water service I couldnt do anything about it.  Now I most definitely cant do anything I have no choice. But to pay their high rates not just the high water rates but now even the electricity I have been a Lubbokite for the past 47 years and I have never enjoyed being an LPL customer.  Perhaps if they lowered the rates to the level of Excel energy charges me my electricity I would be happy.  Excel energy has always been able to also help in payment arrangement, to where LPL just started working with people when it came to payment arrangements and rude, never more rude anywhere like LPL.  I am considering moving from LPL.

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I really think that you might want to check this out a little further. My husband had been employed with XCEL for 26 years. We have been in Lubbock for 21 years and now we are looking at uprooting our family because of this. All this is going to do is increase the price of electricity and there will nothing anyone can do with the raising prices. We already have the highest prices around due to LP&L. Just check things out first!!!

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I saw your article about the LP&L buyout, however I must disagree with your point of lowering taxes. I work for the city and have not received a pay raise in 3 years. At the same time minimum wage has increased almost two dollars an hour. I think its about time the city gave its valued employees a raise. I do not want an across the board raise, I want one based on annual evaluations!! We receive evaluations at least once a year however they have no bearing on raises if they remain to be a percentage across the board for all employees doing a good job or not.

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Presently, LPL&W does not have my confidence in their oversight of my water usage, much less adding electricity to that.  I understand the usage of each is monitored differently, but hear me out.
My water bill has risen to approximately $70.00 monthly.  I live alone and do not even run my dishwasher.  I water my yard irregularly and do not have a sprinkler system.  I do not have any type of water recreation system in my home.  I have a coworker that has a home nearly three times the square footage, with front and back lawn watering systems and a large in-ground pool.  There are two adults and five children in their home.  Their average water bill is $100.00 monthly.  That does not add up, watering two large front and back yard, maintaining a swimming pool, laundry, cleaning and bathing for six people is $30.00 more per month.  Additionally, each month the cover for my water meter is lifted, but there remains two inches of soil covering the actual part of the meter which is read for water usage. 
How can I trust a company that does not even oversee accurate collection of water usage data to now take over another utility?  It is disturbing to think of the potential for mismanagement, regardless of current performance.  Just think how much better it could be if accurately managed.

Consider This... LP&L Buyout ShouldBenefit Its Owners

NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's thoughts on Lubbock’s "new" electric company.

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