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National Adoption Month: The Quebe's Story

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - November is National Adoption Month and, in Texas, more than 6,000 children still await a “forever family.” NewsChannel 11's Katie Bauer sat down with one Lubbock couple who is getting ready to adopt a daughter and has their story.

What makes Justen and Crystal Quebe a little different is the fact that, as of next Friday, they will legally adopt a 16-year-old girl. Something they never set out to do until they saw her beautiful picture. “We saw her picture in the gallery and knew that's what we were supposed to do,” said Crystal Quebe. 

The Quebes visited The Heart Gallery of the South Plains back in March, which profiles photographs of children who are awaiting adoption. When the Quebes saw Erica's picture and profile, they knew she belonged in their family. “We were already completely in love with her, and I think part of it was she has no idea who we are and we already love her. But she has no clue who we are, so we are like I hope she likes us I hope this works, I hope she loves us,” said Justen Quebe. 

“Sometimes the teenagers just get forgotten, not because people don't care, but we think oh well, they are about to age out of the system so they would rather be on their own,” said Crystal.   

Erica will be the Quebe's first child. “We went from a dog to a 16-year-old. We skipped a lot of the process - we skipped everything and went straight to driver's ed.,” said Crystal. 

And in the beginning that was a lot to take in. “I mean she's a teenager and I was going ‘ok, I'm 30 years old and she's 15 years old and I can do the math on this.’ It's not like I woke up and thought necessarily that would be a great idea, but for us personally, with our faith, that's really what we felt like we were supposed to do,” said Justen. 

And the past half a year, Erica has been living with the Quebes.  The necessary time period potential families must spend together. “Next Friday is right about six months, so she'll be legally adopted as our daughter. So it will be pretty cool,” said Justen.   

Next Friday is National Adoption Day and that's why Greg Cunningham with Child Protective Services wants to build awareness. “It's not right for everybody, but it is right for a lot of people. We think if they would just come down and get the information and find out what it is all about we think we can find a whole lot of new parents and find a whole lot of places for great kids like this,” said Cunningham.

And more importantly not forget the older children. “When you're talking about a child who is 15, 16, or 17, people think ‘well they don't need a family.’ But they do. They need that support structure just as much as anybody does,” said Cunningham.   

“There are a lot of kids who are just waiting for a chance and looking for someone to love them and help them and a place that they can call a forever home,” said Justen.

On Tuesday there will be an Adoption Expo at Plains Capital Bank for people who might be interested in adoption. It’s a chance to get more information and talk to several adoption agencies.

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