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Interval training could be the answer to that battle with the bulge

By Kristin Beerman | email

Edited by Jon Bush | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Interval training could be the best way to fight that battle with the bulge. It actually sounds too good to be true, but researchers are finding that you can lose more weight by cutting your workout time in half. 

They say that if you break up your workout into occasional bursts of energy could make your overall workout dramatically more efficient for your body by helping you lose weight easier.

Personal trainer Kathleen Kennedy explains,"We use interval training to keep it fun but also to increase the intensity without people really paying as much attention to intensity." Melissa Burns participates in the interval training workouts and adds, "You work harder but I guess you get some recovery time after which makes it easier, or it feels easier to get a good workout.”

It is a simple mind trick that appears to working.  Researchers at an Australian University found people who rode a bicycle at a steady pace for 40 minutes, lost a third of the weight, compared to a second group that rode fast, then slowed down then rode fast, then slowed down, for just 20 minutes, that's half the time and 3 times the results.

Scientists still aren't sure exactly why working out in intervals works, but a theory is that the sprints stimulate hormones that regulate fat cells. By incorporating intervals into almost everything you do, the occasional burst of energy will help end that battle with the bulge with little or no effort.

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