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City Cameras May Soon be Catching Litterbugs

As you're driving west on 114th St. between University and Quaker you'll find everthing you need to furnish your living room; an arm chair, a couch, even a refridgerator. Unfortunately, this city street has become a dumping ground for trash. Some Lubbock residents aren't even discreet about what they leave behind.

City Code Enforcement Officer Peter Kern, says tracing the trash to its owner isn't always that easy. "Couches it's going to be hard to find out where it came from. Refridgerators you don't have labels on it that says this belongs to so and so," says Kern.  So, the city's new line of defense: hidden cameras. "Everything is camoflauge it looks like trees and bushes things like that so we can place them in different places," he says.

The cameras will be triggered by sound and movement. And although this may sound like a drastic measure Kern says it's worth it when you think about the expenses of removing the trash. "So depending on how much there is it could cost a couple hundred dollars." That's the cost if the city has to hire a contractor to pick up the trash.

Another option is to utilize volunteer clean up programs. Once again we monitored 114th St. between University and Quaker. Here's a quick list of what we found. three mattresses, three refridgerators, two arm chairs, one washer/dryer, two couches, 10 tires, and piles and piles of old mail.

The hidden cameras should be installed soon. In the meantime, if you see anyone illegally dumping trash, the city wants you to get their license number and call them at (806) 775-2122 . Violators that are caught will face fines.

Read the City of Lubbock's Litter Ordinances
100 Sec. 16-372. Administration.
84 Sec. 23-28. Littering generally.
79 Sec. 12-196. Definition.
71 Sec. 11-46. Definition.
68 Chapter 23 SOLID WASTE*
59 Sec. 16-377. Disposition.
55 Sec. 19-2. Alcoholic beverages; littering.
54 Sec. 25-4. Design standards.
51 Sec. 27-126. Definitions.
43 Sec. 14-128. Bond and insurance; required; amounts.

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