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The Rice Krispie Treats Maker: Does It Work?

Make rice krispy treats a new way.  The makers of The Rice Krispie Treats Maker claim it's fast, easy and fun if you use their product. But Does it Work?

Kids, you'll be happy to see that I'm testing this one for you.

The instructions say you must grease the inside of the maker which I did with a stick of butter. The ingredients call for butter and a whole bag of marshmellows, then just stick it in the microwave for two minutes.

Next, the instructions say to stir the mixture together.  "This is put together like a spring pan. So it's leaking out of the bottom," Cecelia noticed while stirring the mixture. 

I added the rice kripsy cereal and stirred it all together. After the mixture had a chance to cool, I cut the treats in eighths.

"OK, let's pop the pan apart," and in no time, I had eight large, warm rice krispie treats in just a matter of minutes! 

I think the Rice Krispies Treats Maker works!

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