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LISD is Asking the State to Tweak the TAKS Test

"We think children will graduate this year smarter than they ever have. But if they don't score as high on this one test, will people think we're not doing a good job? That's my biggest concern right now," says LISD Superintendent Jack Clemmons.  Clemmons says all he can do now is wait. The new TAKS testing started only two days ago and already the district is showing signs of doubt.

"We're really concerned as a district and as a state. I think we jumped into this one just a little too quickly," Clemmons says. Now, teachers and students are preparing themselves for a test they've never seen before. Clemmons says the district is not opposed to the test but they want to make sure it is fair to the students. "The state predicts that their will be probably 20% less children passing. The pass rate last year was at 90. Now it will be at 70."

Testing ends in May and results won't be available for several months after that. But the district is already asking the state board to take action now. "We want the state board to revisit the test to see if it was developed correctly, we also want them to look at where they have set the passing standard for the test," he says.

Under the 'No Child left behind Act' a provision states that the federal government could intervene if students do poorly on the taks test. The government could possibly remove an entire staff or even close down campuses.

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