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Erica's Story: 16-year-old finds Forever Family

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Friday was National Adoption Day and now 25 children have a new forever home.  This includes 16-year-old Erica, we introduced you to her new parents Justen and Crystal Quebe last week. "'I saw her picture in the gallery and just knew that's what we were supposed to do," said Crystal. 

The picture was taken for the Heart Gallery of the South Plains, a gallery which profiles photographs of children who are awaiting adoption. 

A picture Erica remembers taking. "I think I was mostly just terrified, because I had no idea where it would lead me to and honestly I didn't think there would be any families," said Erica.

But there was. Just half a year ago, Erica was introduced to Justen and Crystal and has been living with them ever since. "I didn't want it to be where you stay with them for six months and then they say no we don't want to adopt her and surprisingly they took it pretty well, I mean we are here today," said Erica.   

On Friday, Erica was legally adopted, the Quebe's first child. "It feels final, even though it has been final in our hearts, it just feels like its final today," said Crystal.

"People have told me, she is so fortunate to have a family like you guys and I think that's great, but I think we are more fortunate to have her," said Justen.

And the new family couldn't imagine it any other way. "This is the way the Lord meant it to be, I mean even if I wasn't placed with them from the beginning, I wasn't born with them that makes it all the better, because it's crazy cool to find new ways that we can communicate with each other and we connect with each other and to share the same values and to look up to them and have a household just like theirs," said Erica.

"We really see this as the beginning of our life together and every sense of the word being a family," said Crystal. 

A day this family will never forget. "After a life of rejection, it's a complete sense of acceptance," said Erica.

Erica currently goes to Shallowater High School, where she is a junior and a member of the volleyball team.  She says her future plans are to go to Texas Tech, major in education, but still live at home with her new forever family. 

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