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Lubbock DA Continues Crackdown on Eight Liners

The Lubbock District Attorney's Office continues its crackdown on Eight Liner Operations. Earlier this month, we showed you what our hidden cameras caught on tape. Some operators appeared to be handing out cash as prizes, a clear violation of state law. In order to fix the problem, the Lubbock District Attorney's Office drafted a letter notifying businesses to comply with the law.

Now kid arcade venues like Chuck-E-Cheese, and Mr. Gatti's will get the same kind of letter. The reason is the law sets some very specific limits on the value of what a prize can be. The wholesale value can be 10 times the cost to play the game once, or $5, whichever is less.

"So if they're offering a bicycle or a TV or a video game, there's no way it'll be under $5 that prize will not fit within the statute," said John Grace, Asst. Da.

The deadline to comply with the letter is Saturday, March 8th, after that, violators could be arrested and fined.

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