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H1N1 holiday traveling tips

By Kristin Beerman | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Pass the stuffing, hold the swine flu, big family gatherings and holiday parties can be a common source of circulating viruses. Not to mention traveling long distances in cramped cars or airplanes, but doctors say there are ways you can help keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible in the face of flu. Keep a hand sanitizer handy and use it often. Also, carry sanitizing wipes to use to wipe down surfaces like tray tables, luggage handles and armrests.  Experts say flu viruses can live on those areas for several hours and there is more you can do at home.

"Particularly if you're caring for somebody ill in your household, clothing and bed sheets and the stuff you care for can harbor the virus for quite a while," says Tom Kirsch, M.D., with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  "So if you're doing the laundry right after you get done shoving everything in the washer and stuff, it's important that you sanitize your hands 'cuz those things could have been contaminated."

Dr. Kirsch says even at home don't forget to use wipe down the doorknobs, not just when someone is sick, but the CDC suggests wiping down doorknobs and the CDC also says, if you are the one who is feeling ill, the best gift you can give your loved ones, is to stay home.

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