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Truck in deadly crash becomes life-saving tool

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We have a "big" update on the BUST program (as in physically big).   B.U.S.T. is short for Buckle Up and Stop Texting.  You might recall the bust program began November 10th with the death of 17-year-old Alex Brown.

She was driving between Wellman and Seagraves when her truck lost control and crashed.  She was not wearing a seat belt and she was texting while driving.  NewsChannel 11 Sports Director Pete Christy has been working hand in hand with Alex's mom to get the word out to teens across Texas.   And we've been asking them to sign a BUST pledge, a solemn promise to buck up and to not drive while texting.

So far 744 people we know of have signed up including students, parents, police officers and state and federal lawmakers.

Wednesday night we acquired a photo of what Jeanne Brown has done.   It's a life-size BUST billboard attached to the very truck that Alex was driving. It's a powerful message that she'll be taking this truck to schools all over Texas to get the point across.

Jeanne Brown says, "We want them to see this truck to see what can happen to them if they text and drive. So the next time they pickup that phone to get that text message or to send one they will remember that truck and what can happen."

You can also (CLICK HERE) to take the BUST pledge.  Pete Christy or Alex's mom will be glad to make an appearance at your local school.  Email or call 744-1414.


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