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Jupiter Jack: Does It Work?

TYLER & LUBBOCK, TX (KLTV & KCBD) -The Jupiter Jack claims to turn your car radio into a speaker phone and works with any cell phone! 

The Jupiter Jack is a battery operated plastic device with a mini plug jutting out the side. The plug is made to go inside your cell phone's headphone jack. If you phone that doesn't have this exact headphone jack, the Jupiter Jack includes 6 adapters, one of which will likely fit your phone. In the rare event one of these doesn't work, the company says they will ship you the proper adapter for your phone.

"Ok, so for my phone, I would think I could use this headphone jack here, but I think I've located an adapter here that will work." It's a mini USB plug that goes in my phone and then the Jupiter jack fits in goes into the adapter.

"One thing I should show you first, right on the side here, it has 99.3 and 101.3. Those are radio stations. What you're going to want to do is find one of those that doesn't have a strong signal on that frequency where you live. So when I go here to 101.3 it's static, that's good. That's what you want. So we're going to use 101.3 and we're going to want to set it that way on the Jupiter Jack." 

So we put it back together and, while it's not the prettiest thing in the world, it's ready to test.

And we make our first phone call.  If it works, we should hear the other person through our car speakers and they should hear us.

"Hello? Hello?" Well, our first test didn't go so smoothly. But lucky for you, we learned something. Just because an adapter fits a hole in your phone, doesn't mean it's the right adapter. A lot of phones have mini USB holes. It turns out, it's not what we needed to accommodate the Jupiter Jack.

So back to the headphone jack, and an adapter with a slightly larger male mini plug. A quick call back to the newsroom and, "now I think we got it figured out. Yep, you sound fine, you sound great."

I called up my other friend while in motion and, "I'm testing the Jupiter Jack. That's awesome. Is it working? It sounds great. Are you getting any feedback of yourself? No, I am not."

One of the things we've noticed with this kind of product is that other people around you are able to pick up your conversation if they happened to be tuned to that radio station. I had my photographer Jamey test for that kind of thing by walking around the car using a portable radio tuned to 101.3. He could pick up my conversation when he got inside a 5 foot circle around the car. Outside that circle though we were safe.

The fm modulator in the Jupiter Jack only transmits when you are actually in a phone call. We've tested a similar product that had a built in mic that transmitted ever thing you said inside the car. We tried it with a couple of other phones with success as well.

So Does it Work? We give the Jupiter Jack a yes!

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