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Lubbock Judge Gets Called into Active Duty

During the day, Judge Mackey Hancock's friends stopped by to wish him farewell.

Judge Hancock is leaving his 99th district post, a place he's heard all kinds of civil suits. But I guess you can say he's leaving to do more civil affairs. Not in Lubbock, but in Afghanistan. You see, the Judge is also a Colonel in the United States Army and he's been called for active duty.

"It's my job, that's what I signed on to do. I've been given a valid order I guess I'll go do it" said the Judge. And his branch's order is to rebuild areas in Afghanistan destroyed by war. "We're not trying to get them to our level, that's not in our charter. We're just trying to get them back to their basic level so they can progress from there," said the Judge.

Like rebuilding the schools, water wells, and small clinics. Judge Hancock, or should I say, Colonel Hancock, has been deployed three times during his 30 year stint with the army. "This is for the fact we were attached to the Desert Storm, first cab division we were awarded the patch as a combat patch and then the flag as we went to Bosnia at NATO peace keeping operation," said the Judge.

Next year, he says it's his last. Colonel Hancock says he'll hang up his greens for good, and continue his civil duties in black.

Hancock's order will keep him away for at least 10 months. While he's gone, he's arranged to have retired Hockley County District Judge, Andy Kupper, take his place indefinitely.

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