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New Salvation Army Chef prepares gourmet feast for the hungry

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "It takes a lot of food, just in donations I got 150 lbs of ham, 75 turkeys and they are still coming in.  I got another 50 turkeys over the weekend, so it's a lot of food," said Salvation Army Head Chef Robert Ramirez.

This is Ramirez's first Thanksgiving feast to prepare at the Salvation Army, and he plans to make it one not to be forgotten.  "Nobody has ever done this at the Salvation Army," said Ramirez.

The gourmet meal includes:

"Ambrosia salad, you got a garden salad, you got a pea salad, you got a Tom turkey with homemade gravy, ham and you got the raisin sauce to go on it, and then you got country cornbread dressing, and yams with marshmallows and your green bean casserole," said Ramirez. 

"Robert's put in a lot of good work this year so they have a special meal, it is not just a turkey dinner," said one volunteer. 

All to serve others, who may not have had a Thanksgiving meal at all. "It just our way of showing that we appreciate everything and to give back to the community it is just a good thing and a good opportunity for us to do," said Ramirez.

More than 100 volunteers helped to prepare the meal on Thursday. "If we have the day off might as well come and spend it sharing with others and helping others have a good meal," said another volunteer.   

Many are giving up their Thanksgiving plans to be here to help others. "They have nothing and we shouldn't take stuff for granted and we could actually help," said another volunteer. 

"We're blessed we get a good meal every day, but these people don't get a good meal every day," said one volunteer. 

"I'm not going to stop until I run out of food so if the last person comes in at 6:30 or 7:00, I will feed that last person it doesn't matter," said Ramirez.

This year the Salvation Army served more than 400 people.   

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