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New City Manager Dislikes Bureaucracy

Just 36-years-old, Tommy Gonzalez has worked for the city for 12 years. Assistant City Manager for three, yesterday he was named Interim City Manager. A significant accomplishment for anyone, let alone a man who started his career with a little less passion than you'd expect.

"I had no interest in city government. None whatsoever," he said.

As the years flew by he developed a knack for getting things done, and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that came with it. "And learning how you could shape and mold the community, and make projects happen, and make a community better. I think I really started enjoying what I was doing at that point," said Gonzalez.

He's skittish about saying whether he wants the job on a permanent basis, preferring to let his actions over the next six to nine months speak for him. But confidant that he's capable of implementing the will of the people.

"That's all this job is about, the interim or a permanent city manager position, making sure that you reach those objectives that the council sets for you, which, by the way, are representatives of the community. It's a very simple concept, just hard to implement sometimes," he said.

Hard to implement, in part, because of bureaucracy, something he hates, and uses as a barometer to measure his own effectiveness. "As long as I can see their point of view, I'm going to stay with the city of Lubbock, or I'm going to stay in a public role. When I start to kind of like bureaucracy, I think I'm going to find another job," he said.

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