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Lubbock Fire Department Graduates New Recruits

The Lubbock Fire Department welcomed some additional manpower Friday night. Seventeen new recruits graduated from the Lubbock Fire Training Academy, with a reception hosted by the LFD Auxiliary that followed.

Members of the Recruit Class 2002-3 are: Aaron McCleskey, Chris Hernandez, Jr., Clint Morris, Corey McCleskey, Daniel Garvin, Jake Browning, Jason Bobo, Kevin Ivy, Larry Wright, Les Fincher, Nick Angerer, Richard McDonough, Robert Baker, Rodney Brown, Steve Strawn, Taylor Ratcliff and Tim Trout.

Fire service has a long history of being family oriented, and this recruit class is a prime example of family members carrying on the tradition.

  • Chris Hernandez, Jr. is the son of a fire fighter who retired in 1993.
  • Nick Angerer is District Chief Chris Angerer’s brother.
  • Clint Morris’s father-in-law is a fire fighter.
  • Tim Trout has a grandfather and a great uncle who are retired from the service and an uncle and a cousin who are currently serving.
  • Daniel Garvin has a brother-in-law who is a fire fighter.

Also in the recruit class are two former City employees.

  • Steve Strawn was a housing inspector.
  • Rodney Brown worked for Lubbock Power & Light before being accepted into the Academy.

Corey and Aaron McCleskey are brothers who are starting their own family tradition.

Recruits who also have served as volunteer fire fighters in other towns are:

  • Morris
  • Rodney Brown
  • Taylor Ratcliff
  • Larry Wright

Wright and Les Fincher are both certified fire fighters who left jobs in other cities in the state to come to Lubbock.

Deputy Chief Rhea Cooper served as master of ceremonies for the graduation and the LFD Honor Guard presented the colors at the opening of the event. Recruits lead the pledge of allegiance, gave the invocation and offered a recruit address. Fire Chief Steve Hailey administered the oath of office, followed by the Honor Guard’s ringing of the bell.

Members of the LFD training staff are District Chief Alan Breazeale, Captains Jack Watkins and Royce Ethridge, Lieutenant Mark Ethridge and Administrative Assistant Charlotte Baker.

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