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Local military family responds to President Obama's speech

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCDB) - President Obama's speech on the War in Afghanistan will affect families all across the nation. After hearing the speech one local family is preparing for a third possible deployment to Afghanistan this summer.

First Sergeant Aaron McDonald has already been to Afghanistan twice, and after Obama announced 30,000 additional troops will be deployed, McDonald could go back. "Commander in Chief says that we come back, we come back, if the Commander in Chief says we go we go," said 1st Sgt. McDonald.

However, McDonald's wife took the news a little harder. "My immediate reaction was oh no... when are you leaving. I looked at him and remember choking back on the tears going when are you going," said Sgt. McDonald's wife Beth McDonald.

Even so, Beth understands Obama's decision. "If they need more troops I hope that he gives them what they need. Because when my husband is over there, I want to know that he has enough men with him to accomplish his job," said Beth.

However, she isn't as optimistic about Obama's promise to begin bringing soldiers home in mid-2011. "I get a call, oh two weeks. Another phone call, oh it changed back. As military spouses we know not to depend on timelines because they always change," said Beth.

Sgt. McDonald is ready to do his job if called back, "Regardless of whenever we go or whenever we come back, we're going to do everything we can to accomplish the mission. Failure is not an option," he said, but he will have a hard time leaving his wife and two children.

"He was in bed and asked if daddy was going back. You could see him start to cry in the night and that's so hard as a mom to see your son cry," said Beth.

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