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New Patch for Slimming Down

Patches are available for so many different things now: from quitting smoking to preventing pregnancy. Now, there's another patch -- for shedding pounds. The Slimming Patch promises an all-natural way to lose weight. Here's how it works:

"It's very simple. You put the patch on, and it curbs your desire for sweets. It also curbs the desire of the amount of food you want to take in, and all that's in it is seaweed, which is a natural ingredient. It has nothing to do with ephedra," says Joe Titone.

Now, on the flip side, researchers at Kansas University Medical Center say instead of Ephedra, the Slimming Patch contains iodine -- to speed up the thyroid. Since the product doesn't say how much is in there, the KU folks say this could be a real concern for people with thyroid trouble.

"Would this be a product that perhaps thyroid patients should not take? It recommends something about diabetics, but I would never recommend a diet aid for a diabetic without knowing exactly what it contains," says Dr. Joyce Generali, Director of Drug Information, KU Medical Center.

The patches come with directions telling users that it's important to also exercise and eat healthy, so the KU researchers say there's no real evidence that the Slimming Patch works. But if you use the patch as a crutch, you may find good results if you follow step two and three, which is eat less and exercise more.

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