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New blood type diet

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - If you like to read about new diets and will try just about anything to lose weight, you might have heard about the new blood type diet.  The theory is laid out in a book by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.  He claims your blood type -- A, AB, B, or O -- is a reflection of your internal chemistry, which is of course, determined by your genetics.  It's the latest trend and a lot of people are already following this blood type diet.

"I'm a very classic O in that I do best with fish, chicken and some meat," said Cindy Lovejoy, who is trying the blood type diet.  "So if you're an O or a B, you would want to concentrate more on the proteins, less on the grains. and  if you're more an A or an AB you want to concentrate more on  vegetables, lean proteins and grains," said Barbara Sakota, who teaches the blood type diet.

But you should know there are many who are skeptical about this new trend, including Dr. Ken Fujioka, an endocrinologist, who leads a weight loss center.  He says when you read the book, it sounds good in theory, but ,"Unfortunately there's no science  that shows that eating for your blood type is any better than any other diet," said Dr. Fujioka, an endocrinologist.

Dr. Fujioka does say remember that any diet that encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and less fat is going to have its  benefits because that means you're also taking in fewer calories.  He says ultimately, that's the best way to lose weight, just eat fewer calories.

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