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Lubbock Reserves on Standby

In Lubbock, hundreds of reservists remain on standby. After the big marine deployment in January, other Lubbock troops have been slowly deployed to different parts of the world.

Local military troops are packed and ready to go, but if, when or where they'll go is still unclear. So until they are called on, they will continue to train so they are prepared for whatever mission lies ahead.

"So everybody is ready to go they have all the medicals up to date, wills, powers of attorney, they've notified their employers, insurance and stuff like that," said Robert Rafford, the Commanding Officer of the Naval Reserves.

Rafford says they recently mobilized two sailors from Lubbock for security force in the European command. "We're just waiting to see what happens, I don't think anybody wants a war, I mean no one wants to go put their lives in danger but if we're called to do a job then we're ready to do a job so we're just anxiously waiting to see what Iraq will do and see what the president will call us to do," Rafford said.

For the local Marines, the wait is over. Their troops and vehicle equipment were deployed in January. "We have a total of 113 that are deployed currently and all of them at this time are in Kuwait and currently of course we are a motor transport unit and they are training I'm sure in Kuwait we don't have very much conversation with them now that they're deployed," Inspector Instructor Kraig Smith said.

Smith says even though their unit is low on personnel, they still stay busy. "We still stay active, we have a lot of things to do to take care of the families, we stay in contact with them answer questions and concerns and if we cant we pass them on to the red cross, trying to make sure the families are as comfortable as possible while their loved ones are gone."

One more note, the call to duty is not limited to the average citizen. Just last month Lubbock's District Attorney, Bill Sowder left for Fort Hood. And Judge Mackey Hancock was sent to Afghanistan last Friday.

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