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Contest winners overwhelm two communities with generosity

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – For 11 weeks, 74 schools across the South Plains competed in Pete's Pep Rally Playoffs to showcase their pride and spirit and the winner of the challenge did just that Monday.

Whiteface students and faculty decided to donate part of their $3,000 prize to Seagraves and Springlake-Earth in honor of two students killed in car accidents this year. Springlake-Earth Freshman Rexee Jackson died in October when a truck hit the SUV she was riding in. More recently, Seagraves Senior Alex Brown died when her truck swerved off the road.

Whiteface students say it's good to win, and good to get the prize but believe there's more to life than that. "It's good to win and good to get a prize, but we believe that there is more than that. There is more to winning a prize and more to getting money," says Whiteface High School Principal James German.

"This is the fifth year of this contest and I'm sitting over here completely humbled and to see what this has turned into. And what is happening here today (Monday), is more than I could ever imagine," says NewsChannel 11 Sports Director Pete Christy as he addressed Whiteface students.

Pete presented Whiteface with a $3,000 check Monday and they took the money only to give it away. "We hope this gift blesses you and the school and hope that this act will spread like a fire," says one Whiteface student. From one team to another, Whiteface students gave Rexee Jackson's younger brother and her friends a $1,000 check for her scholarship fund.

The students told the Brown family that they were praying for them and presented Jeanne and Johnny Mac Brown with a $1,000 check to put towards a scholarship at Seagraves High School in Alex's honor. "None of us can imagine the pain or loss. We want you to know you do have someone standing beside you," says another Whiteface student to the Browns.

"It's amazing what communities in West Texas do for each other," says Springlake Earth High School Principal Liz Anthony who was overwhelmed by the generosity.

"I can't tell you how much it touched us, and how much class Whiteface has to donate in Alex's names. They've got their priorities in order that's all I could tell you," says Springlake Earth High School Principal Joel Harrigan on this life lesson not to be forgotten.  

Because of their generosity NewsChannel 11 has donated an additional $1,000 to Whiteface for their scholarship fund.

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Scholarship donation is bittersweet gift for Brown family 
Whiteface won Pete's Pep Rally Playoffs this year and with some of their prize money they honored the families of two high school students who died this year by donating to their scholarship funds.
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