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HealthWise at 5 From 3.5

  • Paying for Fresh Breath of Air

Mexico City is known for its polluted air and busy streets, but it's offering a solution now. The city's first oxygen bar has opened. Patrons are invited to come in and inhale small vials of oxygen that are said to eliminate toxins and fatigue, restore the liver and even increase sexual desire. Customers get to sniff oxygen through a plastic hose inserted into their nostrils. The oxygen experience in the bar can last from a minute to about 20 minutes, depending on customers' preferences and the size of their wallets. A 15 minute session of breathing clean air costs about $10.

  • Rejection and Gratification

A study finding confirms what most of us have known all along, when we're hurt or sad, there are some things that just make us feel better, at least for the short term. Researchers at San Diego State University say when people feel lonely, they look for momentary pleasures instead of recognizing the long-term downside of certain behaviors. For example, gorging on food or shopping 'til you drop may seem pleasurable at first, until more weight and less money become a reality. But researchers say when people re-connect with family and friends, the need for short-term pleasure seems less important.

  • Zinc for Bad Breath

When bad breath is bothering you skip a mint and reach for a Zinc Lozenge instead. University of Minnesota researchers say that Zinc interferes with bacteria's ability to produce sulfur compounds. The sulfur is what makes the breath objectionable. In addition to Zinc Lozenges, other products that contain Zinc such as gum mouthwash, and toothpaste can also help tackle your bad breath.

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