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Evaluating Lubbock's Water Supply

The City of Lubbock met with a company, Wednesday, that will evaluate the city's water resources situation. WaterTexas, a company out of Austin, will spend the next six months coming up with a strategic water plan for the city's future.

The company's President, Lynn Sherman, says Lubbock has good resources for water; Lake Meredith, ground water in Bailey and Roberts Counties and Lake Alan Henry as a future water supply. "One of the points come real clear from both council staff there's a real interest here to make sure Lubbock uses what it has very wisely for us to focus on conservation, re-use, and to look at what is available locally," said WaterTexas President, Lynn Sherman.

That includes costs of pipeline construction from Lake Alan Henry to Lubbock.

Meanwhile, Mayor Marc McDougal will be traveling to Austin, Thursday, to talk about Lubbock's water. The mayor says he's pushing for a bill that would allow the city to sell some of the water in Lake Alan Henry.

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